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hey, where is the action in this community? i joined today and i've noticed that no one has posted since early august.

i'm jolene and masturbation is one of my favorite things. (that doesn't necessarily mean i want to cyber or have phone sex with you). betty dodson is one of my personal heroes and role models. my dream job is to be a sexuality educator, and to continue betty dodson's work of "liberating masturbation," particularly for women. i wrote my senior thesis in college on a herstory of popular literature about women's masturbation from 1953-2003.

here are some reasons to jill off, from

Why Masturbate?


Because masturbation is immensely pleasurable, invigorating, rejuvenating and fun.

Because masturbation proclaims that sex is good in, by, and for itself.

Because masturbation makes you a better lover.

Because you can have more sex more often.

Because sexual pleasure is each person's birthright.

Because masturbation is the ultimate safe sex.

Because masturbation is a joyous expression of self love.

Because masturbation offers numerous health benefits including menstrual cramp relief, stress reduction, endorphin release, stronger pelvic muscles, reduction of prostate cancer for men and resistance to yeast overgrowths for women.

Because masturbation is an excellent cardiovascular workout.

Because each person is their own best lover.

Because masturbation with a partner can be educational and hot.

Because masturbation increases sexual awareness.
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